What's Available 


Nothing available at this time.  Inquiries welcome on future plans. 

A winter litter is in the works.  Puppies will be born and raised in Washington.



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Eli babies from Hailey.  Born April 1, 2015

E-mail for information on up-coming plans or for a referral to a responsible breeder.



A Siberian puppy is very cute but is also a lot of work.  A puppy  requires a great deal of time for training and proper socialization.  Be certain you have the time and are ready to make that commitment to help your puppy become a responsible K-9 companion.



Rescues & Re-Homes

Have you thought about and older puppy or young adult? 


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Currently available:



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There are always Siberians available from your local rescue groups. 

For rescue information in your area, check Siberian Rescue


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All puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreements.



Please contact me for information on what is currently available.