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Quality bred dogs   .   .   .  great friends   .   .   .    a winning combination!


Zeke is the recipient of the 2016 Siberian Husky Club Of America National Specialty

BISS GrCH Karamad Sumiro Zins Of The Father

Thank you Mr. John Linnehan for this amazing win.  To win the national once is a dream come true, to win it twice is an "over the moon" feeling.  Congratulations to all the winners.


Many up-dates coming.!

July 18, 2015 Tara is chosen Select Bitch to complete her Grand Championship.

July 17, 2015  Tara was chosen BOB with an entry of 2 dog specials and 7 bitch specials.  What a fabulous win.

Congratulations Tara and Carolyn.


7-12-15  Introducing our newest Champion

IC was WD for a major to finish his championship.  All points from BBX

Congratulations Andrea and IC!


7-11-15  Zeke was Mrs. Angela Porpora's choice for Best of Breed at a supported entry.

7-11-15  Later that same day Trinket was WB/BOW for a major under Mr. John Ramirez


7-4-15 Pilot is chosen BOB again under judge Mr. Robert Ennis. 

What a weekend!

And on to an Owner handled Group 2 under Mr. George Murray


7-3-15  Pilot completed his Grand Championship in style.  Best of Breed over top ranked specials.

Thank you Mrs. Betty Regina Leininger for this honored win.

6-21-15  Sage was chosen WB/BOW for a major.

Congratulations Sage and Carolyn

6-19-15  Zuma is in the winners circle again.  Another Specialty win.  This one for the major to finish her.

Thank you Ms. Donna Beckman  for these great wins!

All points from BBX and puppy class.

Zuma's dad Zin was chosen Select Dog at the specialty as well.

May 21, 2015  Zuma was Mrs. Esther Joseph's choice for WB/BOW/BBBX for a 4 pt Specialty win.

I love, love, love this girl!

3-28-15  Zeke was Awarded BOB and a Group 4 under Mrs. Angela Porpora in Oregon

Shown  by Nancy Sumida


The same day brother Gibbs was BOB in Las Vegas

Shown by Stephen Cabral PHA


Also that day  Pilot was BOS from the Veteran class and on to an Owner Handler group 2

Shown by Dave Craig


3-29-15  Gibbs was BOB again.


In addition Tara was Select one day and BOS the other in Oregon for two GrCH majors.

Shown by Carolyn Bonner

Well done girls.

2-1-15  Trinket was WB for a point  She will be looking for majors.

Gibbs has also started off the year with a bang.

BOB at the Tri Valley Working Dog Show

Thank you Stephen Cabral for presenting our boy so beautifully. 


Summit has started the year off right with several nice wins and is currently ranked in the top !0 for January



12-14  Gibbs is a Grand Champion

GrCH Sagebrush's Red Wine and Blue

Thank you Stephen Cabral for all your work and commitment to our boy.


11-1-14 Zeke was chosen Best in National Specialty Show

Thank you Mrs. Angela Porpora for this once in a lifetime, amazing win!

Thank you Jessica for stepping in and showing our boy.

10-27-14  Cobalt gets a qualifying score and first place in agility at the SHCA National Specialty.

Congratulations Jen and Cobalt.

9-14-14  Hailey is a NEW CHAMPION 

She was Mrs Karin Ashe's choice for WB/BOW/BOBOH and on to OHGr1

We are so proud of Dave, Jen and Hailey. 

8-22-14  Trinket was WB/BOS for another point under Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna from BBX



8-24-14  Bud wins the Veteran dog class and gets Select Dog for another GrCH point.

7-19-14  Trinket was Mr. Rick Gschwender's  choice for WB/BOW for her first 2 points.  Thanks Andrea for showing our naked California girl

7-20-14  Trinket and Andrea repeated their performance for another 2 points under Mr. John Wade

6-29-14  Bud was BOS from the Veteran Dog class for another GrCH major

Thanks Dave for doing such a beautiful job showing our boy.

Back to back 5 point majors to finish!

6-21-14  Gibbs was awarded WD for a 5 point major under Mrs. Cindy Stansell

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our boy.

6-22-14  Gibbs and Diana repeated their performance for another 5 point major to finish.  Thank you Mr. William Daugherty for finishing out boy.

6-11-14  Congratulations to Andrea Phillips for finishing our boy Turk today.  Pending AKC confirmation, he will be know as CH Karamad and Poku's Naturally Blue.  Turk is the fifth and final champion for his mom.  Thank you Andrea for your commitment.  Thank you Bonnie Finelli for sharing Blue with us. 


6-7-14  Hailey is in the winners circle again.  She was Mr Bart Miller's choice for WB/BOW for her second 4 pt major.  Now looking for 2 singles to finish.

Congratulations Dave and Hailey on a smooth ride!

5-24-14  Hailey was BOW for 2 more points under Mr. Eric Leibes

Well done Jen and Hailey



5-3-14  Huge Congratulations to Andrea and Elle on winning her second major to finish!


3-29-14  Pilot and Dave are in the winners circle!

Pilot was awarded BOB from the Veteran class under Ms. Rita Biddle, Esq.

So proud of our boys.


3-30-14  They repeated the performance under Mrs. Sharon Krough.

Poor photo, not posted.


Another great weekend for the Karamad krew

Special thanks to the breeder judges for the kind words.

3-8-14 Mrs. Cindy Stansell selected Zin for BOB

Thanks to Stephen Cabral for doing a great job with Zin.


Pilot was Select Dog for another GrCH point from Veterans.

Thanks to Dave Craig for presenting our boy so beautifully.


Zuma was WB/BOS (over specials) for 2 points.

She will now be sitting home looking for majors and new hair.


3-7-14  Mrs. Mickey Polimeni selected Zin for BOB

Pilot was Select Dog from Veterans

Zuma was WB/BOW for another point.

It was a family affair.


3-6-14  Mr. Thomas Stanfield chose Pilot for Select Dog from the Veteran class


Zuma was WB/BOS (no dogs entered) from BBX for another point.


The kids had a great weekend!

2-16-14  Mrs. Paula Nykiel selected Zeke for BOB

Thanks Dave for showing our boy.


Zuma was chosen WB/BOW from the BBX class.

Luna was Select Bitch


2-17-14  Hailey was Mr. Whitney Coombs choice for WB/BOW

Great job Jen and Hailey

photo soon


Luna was chosen BOS

Well done Luna and Carolyn.  Half way to your GrCH in 2 show weekends.

The kids started 2014 off with a bang!

1-24-14  Pilot was chosen Best In Veteran Sweeps under Mr. Johnny Shoemaker and on to a Group 4

Watch for Dave and Pilot in the Veteran ring this year.  At almost 9 years old, Pilot is ready to rock.

1-25-14 Hailey was Mrs. Dorothy Collier's choice for WB/BOW for her first major.

Presented by co-owner Jen Craig.  Well done girls!

1-19-14  Kimiko was Mrs. Sharon Zaker's for WB and BBX.  Kimiko went on to a BBX Group 1

Congratulations Nancy and Kimiko.  Now looking for majors.


12-7-13  Mrs Keke Kahn awarded Pilot his first GrCH points from the veteran class.

Thank you David Craig for "piloting" our special boy to this win!


Mrs. Kahn also awarded Trinket Best Puppy and she went on to a Puppy group 2


10-26-13  Zuma was Ms Theresa Hundt's choice for WB/BOW/for 2 more points from 9-12

We are very proud of our new superstar.

10-6-13  Tara is a Champion !

She was WB/BOW under Mr. E.A. (Skip) Thielen for that last point to finish at 15 months.

Well done Tara and Carolyn.


10-5-13  Zuma was Mrs. Faye Strauss' choice for WB/BOW/Best Puppy for her first point from 6-9.

9-28-13  Zin earns BOB under Mr. Brian Meyer

Congratulations Nancy and Zin!


Mr. Meyer also selected Tara for WB 

Tara and Carolyn are now looking for that final point! 


9-14-13  Baby girl Tara earns back to back Best of Breeds from the classes for two 5 point majors!

Thank you Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakup


9-14-13  Thank you Ms. Diane Anderson

Huge congratulations to Tara and Carolyn!

8-31-13  Zin was Mr. Gaeta's choice for BOB   .  .  .

.   .   .   . and on to a Group 2 under Ms. MarDee Ward

Thank you Loran Morgan for piloting our boy to these great wins!


8-30-13  Zin was awarded Best in Specialty under Ms. MarDee Ward.

Great showing Nancy and Zin!

8-25-13  Our boy Bud was Mrs. JoAnn Dutton's choice for Best of Breed!

Handled to this win by Dave Craig.

Huge congratulations to Mindy and Linda Lehman on Bud's big win.  Mindy and Eli were BOB the same day on the east coast. 


8-17-13  Turk was WD for 2 more points

IC was RWD


8-16-13 Turk was WD/BOW at the Puget Sound Siberian Husky Club show.

Thank you judge Angela Porpora for this great win.

Way to go Turk and Andrea!


Zeke received and AOM

Well done Zeke and Nancy!

8-10-13  Zeke was Select in a class of 8 specials for major under Ms. Sharon Zaker

Well done Nancy and Zeke


 brother Gibbs was WD for another point.

Handled by his expert pilot, Diana Butts.


Turk was WD/BOW for another point in Washington.

8-4-13  We have a


Zeke was WD for a 5pt major to finish under Mr. Stan Zielinski. 

Well done Nancy and Zeke!


8-3-13  Zuma was Best in Sweeps at her first big show.  She showed like a rock star.

7-14-13  Turk was WD for 2 more point under Debra Thorton

7-12-13  IC was Virginia Lyne's choice for WD for 2 points

7-11-13  Turk was WD/BOW under Doris Cozart for 2 points

Congratulations to Andrea and her boys on a great weekend!

7-5-13  Zin was Mrs. Anitra Cunio's choice for Best of Breed in a nice class of specials.

Zin was piloted to this win by Loran Morgan.



In addition, Zin's son Gibbs, Sagebrush's Red Wine and Blue was WD for his first point.

Gibb's repeated his performance on 7-6-13 for another point under Mrs. Jeraldeen Crandall

Another Bud kid shines!

6-21-13  IC was Ms. Kelly Gerrits choice for Best in Sweeps.

6-20-13  IC was chosen WD under Katie Edwards at the Lower Columbia Specialty for his first points.

Great job IC and Andrea

6-15-13   Zeke was Mrs. Eva Berg's choice for WD for 2 more points.

Our boy is now looking for that last major to finish.

6-7-13  Hailey was Mrs. Pat Hastings choice for WB/BOW for 2 more points at Woofstock.

Hailey and Jen are on a roll.

6-2-13  Hailey earned her first point from the 6-9 class.  Ms. Christine Salyers Anderson awarded her WB/BOW

well done Hailey and Jen.

6-1-13  Our boy is on a roll.  Zeke was WD for another point under Mr. Doug Holloway.

Brother Gibbs was RWD his first show out.

Way to go boys!

5-25-13  Kiera was awarded BOS under Mrs. Beth Spech to complete ther requirements for her Grand Championship.

GrCH Karamad's One-And-Only May Diamond

Congratulations Dale and Kiera.

5-23-13  Hailey was BOS in Sweeps at the Camino Real specialty.

She was also RWB and Best Puppy under Mrs. Christie Smith

5-18-13  Zeke is WD under Mrs. Cathy De La Garza for a point,


5-12-13  Zeke is WD/BOS again under Mr. Bill Shelton

5-11-13  Zeke was awarded WD/BOS over specials for 2 points under Mr. Gary Anderson

He was also was Best BBX and earned a BBX Group 1


April 26 & 27, 2013

The kids all had a great time at Nor Cal Specialty

4-26-13 Zeke was RWD under Mrs. Stephanie Hamblin-Barnhill


4-27-13  Bud won the Stud Dog class with Tara and Hailey as his get.

hopefully some day we will get the show photo  ^,,^

Bud and his kids shine.


Tara (Bud x Luna)                                                           Hailey (Bud x Flakes)


IC (Bud x Flakes)                                                              Trinket (Bud x Flakes)

3-30-13 Tara was WB under judge Patti Widick Neale for 2 more points

way to go Carolyn and Tara!

3-9-13   Tara in in the winner's circle again.  She was Mr. Roger Pritchard's choice for WB/BOS

Thanks Carolyn for letting me show our girl.  ^,,^


2-17-13  Tara - Karamad Sundance's Brown Eyed Girl,  was  WB/BOW for her first point from the 6-9 class.

Thank you Mrs. Lynnmarie Doran

congratulations Carolyn.


2-3-13  Zeke was WD/BOW from Mr. Gary Dunlop for another point.

The kids started the year off with a bang!


Zin congratulates his kids:

Kiana - Karamad's Silvermist Diamond was WB for her first point from 9-12

expertly handled by Jaclyn Kornreich


Zeke was WD/BOW

Thank you Mrs. Loraine Boutwell for your kind words about the kids.


Kiana and Jaclyn repeated their performance for another point.

Way to go girls!

November 25, 2012

Zeke was WD/BOW for a major.

Thank you breeder judge Terry Sigler for this nice win.

November 11, 2012

Zeke was Mrs. Victoria Jordon's choice for WD for his first point from the BBX

Happy 1st Birthday Zeke

November 4, 2012

Zin was Dr. Eric Liebes choice for Best of Breed with an entry of 10 specials

October 6, 2012

The kids shined at the SHCA 2012 National Specialty

What a week!

CH Paragon's Every Now and Zin



CH Karamad's Sharing The Midnight Moon



Zin and Luan Esterhuizen made a great team showing in Juniors.  They made it down to the final 2 for best junior.  Congratulations boys on a job well done.


Scott and Gunner were the other dynamic duo at the National.  Scott was awarded Best Junior from the open senior class.

Congratulations Scott and Gunner.


October 5, 2012

Zin and his brother Maquire represented their mother Merlot in the Brood Bitch class.  The group finished second in a beautiful class of bitches.


October 4, 2012

Zeke placed second in the 9-12 puppy dog class at the SHCA National.  Thank you Mrs. Jan Sigler

photo soon


I had the privilege of escorting Powder in the Parade of Rescues.  She is currently seeking a fur-ever home.  She is such a sweetheart and would make a wonderful addition to any family.


October 3, 2012

Zeke placed forth in the 9-12 puppy dog sweeps class under Ms. Virginia Hartronft

photo soon


October 2, 2012

Kai earned the third leg of her Rally Novice title at the SHCA National in Provo, Utah

She is now known as Kayak's Timeless Spirit O'Tovik CGC, RN

Way to go Jenn and Kai




August 25, 2012

Frankie was chosen WD/BOW

Kimiko was WB under judge

Mr. Jose Luis Cunhade Vasconsellos

Kai earned the second leg of her Rally Novice

The day was topped off with The Santa Barbara Kennel Club Breeder's Showcase under the stars.

Frankie and Cobalt received first Award of Merit in the working group.

Thanks to Jenn and Dave Craig for doing such a great job presenting the kids.


August 24, 2012

Kimiko was chosen WB under Mr. Ed Bivin

August 11, 2012

Congratulations to Kai and Jen Craig on Kai's first leg of Rally A.

June 17, 2012

Gunner sends huge congratulations to his daughter Keija and owner Carolyn Bonner for finishing her championship under judge Mrs. Terry DePietro.  All of her points were from the BBX class


June 16, 2012 

Frankie wad Mr. Robert Caswell's choice for WD for another point.

Thanks to Dave Craig for showing our boy

Yani was WB/BOW for another point from 6-9

Thanks to Jen Craig for doing such a great job with her.


April 1, 2012

Summit was BOS under Mr. Robert Stein to complete his Grand Championship.

Way to go Summit and Dave.


March 31, 2012

Yani was Ms. Denise Deans choice for WB at her very first show from the 6-9 puppy class.

We are very pleased with our newest hopeful.

February 5, 2012

Zin was Mrs. Pat Hastings choice for BOB

Kimiko  was WB/BOW/BOS for another point.


February 4, 2012

Zin was chosen BOB under Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman

Kimiko was WB/BOS for a point.

January 27, 2012

Cobalt was chosen Select Bitch making  a grand champion.

She is the first dog with the Karamad name to fulfill the requirements for this award.

Congratulations Cobalt and Jen. 

December 11, 2011

Frankie was chosen WD by Mrs. Keke Kahn

Thank you Dave Craig for showing our boy.

December 10, 2011

Ella was Ms Sharon Zaker's choice for WB/BOW for 2 points.

Thank you Jenn Craig for handling our girl.

In seven consecutive shows with Nancy, Kadja was chosen WB/BOW 5 times, three of them majors and twice major reserve.  Kadja and Nancy made a great team.

November 27, 2011

Kadja was chosen WB/BOW for a third major and is now a champion

Thank you Ms Sharon Zaker for finishing our girl.

November 25, 2011

Kadja was chosen WB/BOW by Mr. Bill Shelton for another major!

Kadja and Nancy unstoppable.

November 11 2011 we welcomed a new face to Kamp Karamad

"Magic" - CH Seeonee's Vanishing Act

has retired to sunny California. 

We are happy to have Magic live out his life here.

At 13 1/2 Magic has had no problem settling in to the life of a house dog.

October 9, 2011

Kadja was Mr. George Marquis' choice for WB/BOW for 2  more points.

Kadja and Nancy setting the pace.


September 25, 2011

Kadja was Mr. Donald Booxbaum's choice for WB for 2 more points. 

Our girl is on a roll.  Thanks Nancy.


September 24, 2011

CH Paragon's Every Now and Zin

Zin was chosen WD under  Mr. Warren D. Hudson for his 3rd major to finish at 14 months.




September 3, 2011

Cobalt was chosen for BOB under  Mrs. Edna (Katie) Gammell. 

Cobalt also made the cut in a competitive group under Mrs. Gammell

Kudos girls!


Summit was chosen BOS under Mrs. Gammell.

Thumbs up boys!


August 27, 2011

Kadja was chosen WB under breeder judge Angela Porpora for a major.

Way to go Kadja and Nancy.


Vida was Select Bitch 8-26-11 and 8-27-11 for 2 Grand Champion majors from the Vet Bitch class.


Lyric was Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Mt Rainer Working Dog Club.

August 13, 2011

Zin was Mr. Rick Gschwender's choice for WD for a 4 point major

Way to go Zin and Nancy. 

Our boy is now looking for those final single points.


Summit was BOS for major grand champion points.

Way to go Summit and Dave.


Vida was select bitch for more grand champion points from veterans.

Thank you Jenn Craig for showing our girl.


June 24, 2011

Lyric was chosen Best in Veterans Sweeps by judge Mrs. Anne Palmer


Zin was Best in Puppy Sweeps under Mrs. Anne Palmer also.

Thank you Mrs. Palmer for these nice wins. 


May 26 & 27, 2011

Two days, two 5 point majors, 2 Champions

Thursday Liza was Mr. Frank Polimeni's choice for WB/BOW at the Camino Real Siberian Husky Specialty

Way to go CH Liza and Nancy!

Mr. Polimeni also chose Vida for Best Veteran and an Award of Merit.



Friday Summit was Mr. Eric Liebes' choice for WD for a 5 point major to finish his championship at 20 months.

Huge congratulations to Dave and CH Summit!

I am so proud of these boys.  Summit is Dave's first show dog and Dave put all of his points on him.


Karamad kids, beauty,  brians and S.O.U.L.

Joey and Shadow and Emilie make the news with their therapy work. 

5-8-11  Cobalt wins BOB under Ms. Donna Beckman

Congratulations Jenn and Cobalt.


5-7-11  Zin was Ms. Jean Fournier's choice for WD/BOW for a major from the 9-12 class. 

Way to go Zin and Nancy,

4-29-11  Luna was Mrs. Maryl Foster's choice for WB for a 5 pt major  from the BBX class at the                   Northern California Siberian Husky Clubs 40th anniversary show.

She is now a Champion.

Way to go Luna and Nancy.

photo by Dave and Jennifer Craig.  Thanks guys!

April 24, 2011  Summit was WD/BOW for another point.

April 23, 2011  Frankie is Mr. Dana Cline's choice for WD for another point

Thank you Dave Craig for showing our boy.

April 17, 2011  Paragon's Every Now and Zin  is WD under Judge Mr. Ed Bivins for another point!

This was a small show but a fun couple of days.  It has been some time since Marcy, Nancy and I have all gone to a show together.  Sunshine and fun times!

March 26, 2011

Judge: Mrs. Catherine Bell

WD/BOW/BOS  Kayak's Karamad Kare Bear - Frankie


WB  Karamad's Winds of Change - Kadja

no photo


BOB from Veterans  CH Karamad's Life's a Journey - Vida


Best Puppy/Puppy Group 1  Paragon's Every Now and Zin

no photo


March 25, 2011

Judge: Mr Jay Richardson

WD/BOS  Paragon's Every Now and Zin


WB/BOW  Karamad's Winds of Change - Kadja


BOB from Veterans  CH Karamad's Life's a Journey - Vida



March 5, 2011

Judge: Mr. Robert Caswell

WB/BOW: Karamad's Winds of Change - Kadja

RWB: Karamad's Bearly Legal - Abby

WD: Karamad's Sharing the Midnight Moon - Summit

BOS: Karamad's Cobalt Takanni - Cobalt

February 20, 2011

Judge: Mrs. Donna Buxton

WD: Paragon's Every Now and Zin

WB/BOW: Sumiro's Kayak Karamad Kimiko - Kimiko


February 6, 2011

Judge Ms Cecillia (Cec)Ringstrom

WD/BOW/BOB: Paragon's Every Now and Zin

WB: Karamad's Bearly Legal - Abby

This was Abby's first show at 6 months and 1 week old.  Congratulations Simon and Abby


February 5, 2011

Judge Mr. FM McDonald

WB/BOW/BOB:  Karamad's Winds of Change - Kadja

WD/BOS Paragon's Ever Now And Zin


What a weekend!

Summit was Dr. Wanda V. Spediacci's choice for WD/BOW for his first major. 1-28-11


Summit and Dave followed that up with another 2 points the following day under Mrs. Billie McFadden


Jitter Bug blew off the dust and hit the ring as a veteran.  This was her first time in the ring since she finished in April 2006.  She had a grand time and earned a Veteran group 4!  ~ 1-28-11

Introducing:  Paragon's Every Now and Zin

(BISS CH Kontoki's Isaiah Little Prayer For You  x  BIS/BISS GCH Paragon's Red Red Wine)

At  his very first show he was awarded WD Best Puppy and a Puppy Group 2

Thank you Terri for sharing this wonderful boy with us.

photo by Dave Craig

You really can teach an old dog new tricks   .   .   .   .

Or maybe they just teach you how they want to do it!

10-1-09  Journey received her Canine Good Citizen title at the 2009 SHCA National at the age of 13+

She is now CH Karamad's Sentimental Journey CGC

Thank you Journey for finally doing your down.  You made me proud.

Journey sport'n her new CGC bandana with test person, Patty Van Sicklen holding her Parade of Titleholders ribbon.  Journey was the oldest entry in Parade.

3-29-08  Pilot is a CHAMPION

He was John Ramirez's choice for WD for that last point to finish.

shown by Barbara House



Wyatt, Image & Tiffany

Thank you Rhonda Mckinnie ~~ for this photo

Hana, Koala and Jamie doing dad proud at the National 2001

Thank you Rhonda McKennie for these great photos.



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