CH Karamad's Bearhugs-  "Koala"



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November 22, 1999 to June 21, 2005

Owned by Sherri Del Pozo & Nancy Sumida - Sumiro Siberians & Jamesa Maulden

Bred by Sherri Del Pozo & Jamesa Maulden  -  Syntari Siberians 


Koala's passing was sudden and unexpected.  She had an aggressive malignant melanoma in her mouth that took her way too young.  Her kind and gentle nature is missed. 

Dr. Bree Montana of Agate Bay Animal Hospital made a contribution to Morris Animal Foundation in memory of Koala.

Koala finished her championship 8-8-2004 under Judge Karin Ashe, piloted to that final major by Jamesa Maulden


Koala thanks Kelly Boyd for these fine photos 8-04

Mrs. Windy Willhauck's choice for WB/BOW 2-15-04

Judge Sharon Weston's choice for WB/BOS 10-26-03

Koala was awarded 2nd place in the bred by class at the Siberian Husky Club of America National Specialty ~~ 10-03

Thank you judge Phyllis Brayton

Koala was awarded WB/BOW 8-30-03 and WB 8-31-03 for 3 more points

 Koala was Mrs. Barbara Aldermans choice for WB/BOW/BOB 8-18-02!


 Koala was awarded WB/BOW for a major under Mrs. Jean Fournier July 2002

Koala was Mr. Adrian Woodforks choice for WB/BOW/BOS for 2 pts. May 2002


  Koala and her pop!



OFA - SH-14568E30F-PI

 SHOR# S-8095

Thyroid normal


Producer of:

  CH Sumiro's Out of The Woods ~ "Tiger"

       Karamad's RememBEAR When ~ "Joe-e"   Koala left us a very special gift in her daughter Joe-e. 


Gray and white female
Brown eyes
DOB: 11-22-99   
                                        CH. NeeChee's Snowfire Darkshadow 
                   	      CH Karamad's Redd Ryder
                                        CH Amahok's Kindred Spirit
                 	CH. Karamad's Sumiro Bearheart
                                        CH. Reflection's Bleu Persuasion 
                    	     CH. Karamad's Lady In Bleu 
                                        CH. Karamad's Leading Lady
   CH Karamad's Bearhugs - "Koala"            
                                        CH. Kontoki's Dennis the Menace 
                             CH. Syntari's Mr. Goodbar
                                        CH. Huskavarna's Minimum Wage
                        CH Syntari's Trick or Treat 
                                        CH RainyNights Debut of Syntari
                             CH Syntari's Sasha Diamond
                                        Wolfstar's Shamyr O Sahara  

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