The following is a showcase for the dogs I have had the privilege of breeding, showing, or just loving.

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"The Retirees - Those wonderful oldies (and not so old)" - Thanks for the good times guys:

  Karamad's Back To The Future  -  "Cha-Cha"

   GrCH Kayak's Wild Bleu Yonder - "Pilot"  Grand Champion, all points from Veterans!




     "The current Stars":     

   BISS GrCH Paragon's Every Now and Zin   

   CH Snowfire's Scenic Cruise  -  "Bud"

   CH Karamad and Poku's Diamond Keepsake  -  "Trinket2015 Champion

   CH Karamad Sumiro For Zintimental Reasons  -   "Zuma"   2015 Champion  Finished with 2 Specialty wins.

   CH Karamad Jenda's On A Wing And A Prayer  -  "Brooklyn" 




       "The Future Stars":       

   Karamad Sumiro The Holy Grail  -  "Jeep"


       "Our Visitor":       





Those loved by and living with others:

   Sumiro's Kayak Karamad Kimiko  -  "Kimiko"

   Karamad Sumiro Rydin' High - "Ella" 

  BISS GrCH Karamad Sumiro Zins of the Father  -  "Zeke"   2014 National Specialty Winner

  CH Sumiro's Kayak Bleu Fluertation - "Chibi"

 GrCH Sagebrush's Red Wine and Blue  -  "Gibbs"  2014 Champion & Grand Champion

  CH Karamad Sumiro Cruz'n To Helmcrest  -  "Apex" 2016 Champion

  GrCH Poku Karamad's The Cruise Director  -   "Hailey"    2014 Champion

  GrCH Karamad's Cobalt Tikanni  -  "Cobalt"   

  GrCH Karamad's Sharing the Midnight Moon - "Summit" 

  Poku and Karamad's Fifth Avenue Diamond  -  "Gracie"  pointed from the 6-9 puppy class

  CH Poku & Karamad's Diamond Dust  -  "IC"   2015 Champion

  CH Poku's Classic Diamond  -  "Elle"  2014 Champion

  CH Karamad and Poku's Naturally Blue  -  "Turk"  2014 Champion  All points from BBX

  Karamad and Poku's Noah Doubt About It  -  "Noah"  

  GrCH Karamad Sundance's Brown Eyed Girl  -  "Tara"   Grand Champion 7-15

  GrCH Karamad's Moonstruck at Sundance - "Luna"  

  Sundance Karamad's Sage Queen Anne  -  "Sage" 

  GrCH Karamad's One-and-Only May Diamond - "Kiera" 

  Karamad's Silvermist Diamond  -  "Kiana"

  CH Karamad Shadow 'N The Foothills - "Shadow" 

  Karamad's Sumiro RememBEAR When - "Joe-e"    photo posted 5-11

  Karamad's Bearly Legal - "Abby"

  Karamad's Bear Necessities - "Trixie"

  CH Karamad's Brother Bear - "Koda"   

  CH NeeChee's Gunsmoke of Karamad - "Gunner"    2010 ChampionAll points from BBX

   CH Kayak's Charmed I'm Sure - "Piper" 

   Karamad's Moon Ryder O'Kaylenberg - "Sassy"

  GrCH Kaylenberg's Wicked ` "Elphie"  2010 Champion All points from BBX

  CH Kayak's Pagan Moon O'Kaylenberg - "Luna"

   CH Karamad's Lil' Eyesa Bleu  -  "Liza"  2011 Champion finished with two 5 point majors!

   CH Karamad's Winds of Change  -  "Kadja"    2011 Champion


"A life well-lived does not end any more than music ends . . .

It echoes through time with whispers of beauty and grace . . .

If we listen, we can hear the encore with our hearts

For the song plays on, just as love lives on." 

                             Author Unknown

Friends at The Rainbow Bridge:  - Thanks for the special memories !

  CH Karamad's  Sumiro  Natural Harmony  -  "Lyric"  

  CH Karamad's Sumiro Possibilities - "Herbie"

  CH Karamad's Sneak'n Kozmohican - "Kozmo"  

 Karamad's Serendipity  -  "Treasure" 

  CH Karamad's Sumiro Grin 'N' Bear It - "Jitter Bug"  

  CH Sumiro's Out of The Woods - "Tiger" 

  CH Karamad's Sumiro Bearheart - "Bruin"  

  CH Karamad's Sentimental Journey CGC - "Journey"    Recipient of the SHCA 2006 Top Producing Brood Bitch 

   Karamad's Genuine Beanie Baby - "Beanie"   The pack mascot  2-18-1998  to 9-15-2011



  Karamad's Denim & Diamonds - "Marci"  

  CH Karamad Called Down the Thunder - "Wyatt"   

  CH Seeonee's Vanishing Act  -  "Magic"  4-24-98 to  3-30-12

  CH Seeonee's Sweet Revenge - "Venge"

  Kaila's Silken Teddy  -  "Teddi" 

Karamad's Somewhere In Time  -  "McKenna"  11-30-2005 to 12-4-2009

Karamad's Cheyenne - "Cheyenne"  6-13-1995 to 9-14-2009

 Steelcrest's Kiri Te  -  "Kiri"   -   resident Shiba Inu

CH. Kimosabi Amahok - "Kimo"  

CH Karamad's Lady in Bleu - Ellie  

CH Karamad's Bearhugs  -  "Koala"     

Ch Syntari's Trick or Treat - "Tricks"   

  Ch. Karamad's Leading Lady - "Keyara"

  Camber's Silvermist of Karamad CGC - "Misty"

Ch. Osito's Southern Kenai - "Kenai"

Starlyte's All The Right Moves - "Ryan"

 Karamad's Command Performance  -  "Anna"      

Amahok's Set to Stun - "Starrlee"  

Ch. Crakara's Kodiak of Amahok - "Kodiak"

Lakmat's Kuzn Balki of Karamad  -  "Bo"

Am/Mex/Intl Ch. Karamad's Key Largo - "Bogie"

Ch. Amahok's Kindred Spirit - "Frosti"

Ch. Karamad's Next Generation - "Riker"

Loved and missed by others:

   CH Syntari's Diamonds Are Forever - "Tiffany"

  CH Sagebrush's Blue Point  -  "Blue"

   Karamad's Natural Sunsation - "Sunny"  

  CH Karamad's Life's A Journey - "Vida"  

   CH Syntari's Imagine That - "Image"

   CH Karamad's Sumiro Live the Legends - "Cubbie"  

  CH Sumiro's Trouble A'Bruin O'Kayak - "Hana"  

   Karamad's Sweet DragonHeart - Kodiak   missed by Ralph and Anne Sbragia

   CH  Syntari's Karamad Diamond  -  "Jamie"      finished with 4 majors all points from BBX

   Karamad's Powder  -  "Powder"  missed by Bill West and Bree Montana

   CH Karamad's Kayak Carousel of Time - "Kari"  

   Karamad's Cause For Applause  -  "Misha"  March 22, 1996 to June 2, 2012

   CH Osito's Energizer -  "Amy"    

   CH Seeonee's Syntari Alliance  -  "Ally"

   Karamad's Mira Majesty  `  "Mira"

   CH Karamad's Redd Ryder - "Ryker"

  Amahok's Jena Sais Qua Karamad - "Jena"

   Amahok's Turn Back Time - "Turner"   

   Karamad's Kayak Sky's The Limit - "Sky"

   CH Karamad's  Sumiro  Supernatural  -  "Kobi"  

   Karamad's Governor's Pardon  -  "Kenzo"  

   CH  Crakara's Sumiro C My BB Bleus - "Kioki" 

  Amahok's Fugitive From Justice "Willie" 

   Karamad's 'N' Kayak's Sister Act  -  "Whoopi"

  CH. Syntari's Samiq - "Samiq"   

  CH  Sumiro's Bounty Hunter - "Bowler"  

  Karamad's Kayak Indian Summer - "Summer"  

  Karamad's Juneau D'One - "Juneau"

  Amahok's Windstar - "Windy"

  Just Whistle - "Bacall"  aka  "Lakota"

   CH CraKara's EZ to Spot Frostfire  -  "Spotti"  




Retired Show Prospects, Rescue Dogs Available to approved homes:

Occasionally, there are dogs here that are seeking  new homes. These may be older puppies or young adults or an occasional rescue.   Please e-mail for a current list of available dogs and information and photos of them.




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